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My baby Paladin is coming along nicely. Now a perky level 17, she’s been getting ready to tank her first dungeon.

Queueing nervously as a tank, I get an instant invite. I zone in to Wailing Caverns. Once my worst nightmare, I actually enjoy it now. The group is ready to do the last boss. It goes alright, but the healer isn’t healing me at all, save for the occasional Penance. So I’m having to use Word of Glory as often as possible in order to stay alive. A few seconds before the Murloc boss dies, so do I. All group members “LOL” in party chat.

I think I know why their last tank left.

A crappy group, but it was only for one boss. It was relatively painless for my first dungeon as a baby Tankadin.

Peace out, PuGGers!


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Hi there.

Hi, I’m Laura, and I’m an altoholic.

I play WoW on many different servers, but for the first time I’m planning on levelling on an Oceanic sever. I’m an Aussie, so it will hopefully stop me from getting up at 7AM in order to raid. I love my 7AM guild though, so I’ll never character transfer. So, I am now a proud member of Khaz’goroth-Oceanic.

As my first character, a Dwarf Paladin. What can I say? I think they’re pretty neat, as well as having a realistic figure. Can you tell I’m a female gamer? This blog will hopefully be used to chronicle my adventures of (not) standing in fire.


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