Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog

I started this blog because I love reading WoW blogs in general.

Most people that write blogs don’t have to fake enthusiasm or knowledge to get their readers, they’re just themselves. If they’re pissed at someone, they’ll rant. If they’re happy about something, they’ll say so.

Because I like to read the achives first, I see how they started off: mostly just talking and ranting to themselves. Then, one day somebody comments on a post that struck a chord with them, and the author of the blog is all “ohmigosh the interwebs are reading this for reals?! squee”. And it’s all uphill from there.

I’ve played WoW for quite a while, and I’d consider myself a competant player and raider. So, I decided to play a character I’ve never seriously levelled before, and blog about her and her adventures. But I wanted a flexible name, in case I decided to use a druid, or a shaman, instead of a paladin, or in case I wanted to completely change my topic.

I know this is a day late, but because my wireless internet provider is awesome, I lost my connection for most of yesterday because the tower went down for unknown reasons.


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