Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW

My first time playing WoW……gee that was a long time ago.

It was back in Vanilla, and my cousin (8 years my senior), was showing me this new game that we should buy and play with him and other people we knew. My dad was skeptical. “So I buy the game, and then pay to keep playing it? Runescape is free.”

So, in order to convince us, he let me make a character on his account. I was eager to buy and play this game, as being a nerd and all, I had read the WoW manual and guide books my cousin had left unattended next to the computer. (Years later he told me that he had done so deliberately, because he knew I’d read them, so that I’d convince my dad to join.)

I loved the look of the Night Elves. Humans were too boring and super-modelly. Dwarves were kinda ugly. Gnomes creeped me out. But those elves were beautiful and exotic. I wanted one. I made a female one (because I didn’t like the male’s faces and also because ewww I’m a girl why would I play a boy?!?!?!), but I was confused as to what class to play. I mean, come on! There were so many! I liked the idea of turning into animals, but my cousin said that a warrior is the easiest to learn to play.

I tried a few different names, but they were all taken. Then, the final name I tried accepted. So Moondance the Nelf Warrior was born. I ran around on her, doing all the quests in the starting zone. My dad kicked me off after a while, because he wanted to try it too. When he gave it back to me, I had to take an antidote to this guy, and there was a timer! I failed that quest about five times, before I finally found the guy, because my dad had gotten the quest, not me. My cousin let me take his Paladin for a spin too, it was level 60! I remember thinking at the time, “Wow! It must have taken forever to get this high!” And it had. 18 months.

Eventually, a few months before BC came out, we caved and bought an account. Moondance was deleted from my cousin’s realm, she was only level 12. When I made my first character, I wondered if her name was available. It wasn’t. So instead I made a hunter, and I was ticked at my cousin. Hunters were MUCH easier than warriors. My first day on her was spent questing.

I can still remember all of this clearly, even though I haven’t tried to recall it for years.


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