I made this site because I love reading WoW blogs, but it’s the ones with some personal touches that really stick with me. After listening to a WoW parody song called “Happy Patch Day” and hearing the phrase “We’re standing in life’s fires, and complaining as we burn”, it struck a chord with me. So I’ve called this site that, and hopefully I can refind that link so that I can post that video here.

I’m a female gamer from Australia, and I play WoW most days. But there are other things that take precedence in my life, as well as things that happen in-game that make me want to quit sometimes. I have responsibilities IRL, and that can (and does) stop me from playing. Some people can’t seem to understand this, and those are the people I want to smack about the head.

I’ll put more here later. I’m too sleepy now.

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