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Day 04 – Your best WoW memory

I’ve been trying to think of my best WoW memory, and I’m having a lot of trouble trying to pick just one.

I remember playing with my old friends who taught me everything I needed to know, and it’s thanks to them that I’m a raider today. They patiently taught me what not to stand in, what to stand in, how to heal, how to tank, how to not pull aggro as a DPS, how to write macros, how to use Vent, how to PvP, and most importantly, how to be a considerate person that thinks of the people behind the keyboard.

But although those memories are special to me, those days are long gone, as my guild disbanded as the RL friends that founded it and taught me had an RL falling-out. I tried to keep in contact with them, but being on the other side of the world hindered things somewhat.

I remember dinging lvl 70 back in TBC, and running heroics and raids. But those were mostly with my at the time guild, who were a bunch of elitists that spent all day online and felt everyone else should too. =/ The guild has since disbanded and reformed, and when I was offered a ‘Council’ position when they asked me to rejoin I politely declined. I’m still friendly with several of them, but would never rejoin. Those memories are amazing and filled me with such power, but they were always accompanied by yelling over Vent, and Councilmembers getting pissy at those of us that weren’t in full purples.

I remember dinging 80, but that wasn’t nearly as big of a deal, even less when I got my second and eighth. Taking down the Lich King for the first time with my at-the-time-new guild, was incredible. I’m still wearing Kingslayer as my title, but it doesn’t seem like a hard fight at all, compared to the new raid fights, and that seems to lessen the glory.

Some of my fondest memories are of running friends, family, guildies, and random people I befriended through the old Deadmines. That was my favourite dungeon, but the revamp isn’t something I like.

Some of my favourite pastimes are going back for revenge killings; Hogger, Mor’Ladim, Fel Reaver, Durn, those guys in Dragonblight I can’t recall the names of…. I remember the first time I soloed Durn on my DK pre-nerf, I almost fainted. I only wish I’d Frapsed it.

I’ve always been envied by friends and family for my ability to strike up conversations with strangers anytime when online. Some of my closest WoW friends were met through a random conversation, and I’m as close to them as the internets allow. This isn’t always a good thing, as I’m usually to polite to tell them when to stop because they’re creeping me out. I’m the unofficial guild therapist, because people find me good to talk to, and I’d like to think they’ve gained something from our scheduled chats ;-). From strangers I’ve been told of many problems that can only be told to an anonymous person online, such as gory breakups, death, still-births, rejection, embarassment, and the general problems associated with life. For some reason, people open up to me, even IRL. But these aren’t best memories, but I think it’s where I’ve done the most good.

I remember getting my epic mounts, ground and flying, when it was still a big deal. I remember finally getting heroic purples in every slot (only to replace them with greens and blues in the next Xpac). I remember teaching new players how to act in dungeons (eg. don’t stand in crap, if you’re not the tank don’t pull crap, if you spank the sheep you tank the sheep, etc). I remember my first macro (a /roll one with a witty /e I can’t remember). I remember helping others with rotations and talent points (I still do this every patch for a cousin). I remember my first trip through ICC (We did up to the dragon, but decided to save her and LK for next time. I found out later most of them were in Heroic mode o.O). I remember dying in my first fire (Deadmines). I remember my first summons (From Teldrassil to Goldshire). I remember the first time a gold spammer put ME on HIS/HER ignore list (I am now up to 7. I feel accomplished). I remember when I first caused a group to wipe (Accidentally pulled the lumber goblins in VC because I got too close). I remember the first time I got really chewed out by a Raid Leader (Kara, by a Councilmember I never got along with, for a decent reason but taking it too far). I remember my first BG (WSG-We lost, 3-nil. Alliance sucks at BG). I remember endless gankings on a PvP realm. I remember the same guy doing it the next guy, and I remember telling guildies and having 9 lvl 70’s coming to my rescue(they camped him until he plug-pulled). I remember when I first started being known to guildies, friends and family as a verbal Thottbot/Wowhead/Wowwiki/Tankspot/EJ. I remember leading my first raid, and having it flop (Ulduar).

At the moment, it’s too hard for me to pick out a single moment as the best, because I know that my best memories and proudest moments are yet to come.

But with that being said, killing Mor’Ladim always makes me LOLIRL. I HATE that guy!


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