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Rise My Minion! Rise!

I’ve been having fun with the recent addition to the Death Knight’s spellbook – Raise Ally – or, as I have heard it called on Trade Chat “dkbrezomgwtfhuh”.

Why have I had so much fun? Besides the fact that I love my DK, I also love macros. Rez macros that bring about much laughing, rofling, crying (laughter or mental anguish), groaning, and/or head shaking.

Some fun ones I have seen are at

Although I haven’t yet seen many on the interwebs after much Googling of the subject, I predict that within a week we will have pages upon pages of glorious DK Brez macros on the WoW forums. Although some people will just take Druid Brez macros and claim they’re DK ones. Don’t do that. Be original. Like the internet.


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