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Thanks Mum =)

Today is that glorious day when we thank our mothers for the years of strife and grief we’ve put them through, and acknowledge their strength of both body and mind in not strangling us years ago.

So, thanks Mum. Thanks for everything.

Thankyou for all those times you patiently waited for me at the dinner table when I just had to “finish this @#$%ing raid”, as well as all those pointless family events I skipped due to my raiding schedule. You knew that I would have found another excuse not to go, even if WoW wasn’t a factor in my life, so you never pressed the matter.

Thankyou for providing me with mid-raid snacks, to “keep [my] strength up so you can kill the zombie man”. Thanks for always calling Arthas “zombie man”. Thankyou for driving my char for a few minutes when I needed an urgent bio-break mid-raid. Thankyou for also clicking on the VuhDo bars of the raid members dying when the boss was pulled early. “They were turning red, and that’s usually a bad thing.” Thankyou for being intelligent and wise.

Thankyou for not insisting I should “act like more of a girl” like my friend’s mum. She was only allowed to play WoW for one hour on weekends. Thankyou for not doing that to me. Thankyou for saying “if you really want to play that silly game, I’m not going to stop you.” Thankyou for pretending to be interested when I tried to teach you how to play.

Thankyou for sitting next to me, and ‘helping’ me. “That bar’s going down! Heal him! Why aren’t you healing him?” “Because he’s the stupid rogue that decided to pull the entire room.” “…Let him die.” Thankyou for supporting me in ‘teaching’ DPS not to pull for the tank. Thankyou for laughing at my silly macros, even the ones that weren’t that funny. “It’s funny because he died!”

I love you Mum. Never change.

This post is in honour of my Mum, who recently celebrated her 55th birthday, but she’s still cool enough to watch me play my computer games. ❤


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