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Today, little Lyrra ventured forth once more into the darkest of places in hope of bringing Light and justice to the oppressed, and swift vengance to the merciless scum that dwelt in such places.

In other words, I decided to try the LFD tool again.

Ah, LFD. Let me count the ways.

Firstly, you placed me into a beautiful Scarlet Monastry – Cathedral run. Beauty! I thought to myself. I know this place! This is awesome! But no, it was only to get my hopes up, wasn’t it? Because not only did the DPS decide I was ‘too slow’ and pulled ‘for me’, but then they swore at me when I didn’t taunt off them to let them die.

Secondly, our healer was very skilled, with great gear. But everytime she came under attack, she stopped healing me (the tank) to heal herself. I taunted off her within a few seconds, but until she was at 100% health, nobody else got any heals.

Thirdly, when we entered the actual cathedral part, there are mobs all down the sides, and the boss in the middle. Usually, once you clear the front, you head to the left and right of the platform before pulling Mograine. But no. As I ran to the right to continue clearing (and hoping the undead guy dropped my boots) I see the mage say in party chat: “Don’t pull the bo…” That is exactly what s/he typed. I then saw Mograine’s ohmigoshdidyouseriouslyjusthitmewtfnoob enter battle mode yell, and saw the mobs we hadn’t yet cleared run towards the kitty druid who had spent half the instance in bear form. Naturally it was a wipe.

But just to stick a little knife in and turn it, when I asked the stupid question, “Why did you pull the boss?” The answer I got? “i didnt pull u did”

WHAT?!  “I pulled the boss? From the other side of the room? And somehow MD’d him so he’d smack you in the face instead of me?”

“lol yes”

The mage said, “I’m sorry guys, but this isn’t going to work out.” And dropped group. I did the same.

It was no use trying to finish, not only because I wanted to choke the druid through the internets Vader style, but also because an early pull+wipe combo almost always bugs out Mograine.

Sometimes PuG groups amaze me, but other times they make me want to cry/scream/kill. Why druid? Why go bear form? If you wanted to tank, why queue as dps? Tank queues are a shitload faster. And rogue, why did you also pull things? You don’t even have a tank mode.

Maybe I just don’t get people =/


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Top Food For MMO Gamers?

Amerence over at blog Azeroth ( ) asked the question of what the five favourite foods we personally enjoy while gaming.

I’m going to take it a tad further though, as I know for a fact that less than 5% of people will eat like I do while playing. I believe that the five favourite foods of the AVERAGE MMO gamer is (in no particular order): Pizza, Leftovers, Fast Food, Chips/Fries/whatever else you want to call them (dip/salsa optional), and cookies/biscuits. I believe that 90% of people will have at least four of these in their top five.

My own favourites are, in no particular order; ‘Black Chill’ Eclipse mints, Liquorice (black or red), stir-fried bamboo strips, rice (fried or boiled), and crystallised ginger. I also usually have decaf green tea, or a soy chai latte to accompany my games.

I pick my foods due to my habit of snacking. If I have food sitting in front of me, I’ll eat it fast. So things like bamboo strips that are chewy (at least the way I cook it) increases the amount of time my food lasts me.

Rice is great when you’re snacking and want 3000 of something. Fried is the best, as it isn’t as sticky or gooey, so when I inevitably lose my eating utensils, using fingers won’t ruin my keyboard.

Ginger, mints, and liquorice are good for sugar boosts, as well as those ‘ohmigoshi’meatinghealthyfoodshalp!’ moments.

Well, I’m off to try drawing a pretty pyramid to upload asap.

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