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Dear You, Love Me

Dear Life-Tapping Warlock,

When I’m healing in a PuG and you bleed your mana bar dry, please, feel free to Life Tap. Because, as a bubby healadin, I have the spare mana and GCDs to fill you back up when you tap your life dangerously low. Wait….no. Bubby healadins don’t have spare mana or GCDs, especially not on a gosh darned boss fight where I am wildly flailing at my buttons in the hope that I can at least keep the goddamned TANK alive!

Somehow, we all lived through that nightmare. And, as all party members were mana-users, we all sat to drink. Some kindly folk even nommed some food to speed up the process, which I both noticed and greatly appreciated. But not you. Never you.

Because you think you’re too good to sit and eat-slash-drink with us? You think you’re above all that? Do you look at the slowly filling blue bar under my name and for some reason believe that it is your bitch?!

There is one small thing I will say: you are brilliant at picking up subtleties. After the tankadin had gone and pulled the next group you asked loudly in /p, “y no healz?”.

“You Life Tapped down to nothing and I was healing the tank. I assumed that you would eat/drink with the rest of us.” I replied, seething slightly that they would dare question my healing abilities!

“lol i wont healz nxt time k?”

….what? I was silent for several moments, just staring at the screen in horror, too shocked to even attempt a reply. Then, when I needed it the most, that beautiful Vote To Kick box lit up on my screen with your name on it. The reason given to kick you? “Full mana-wanding it”

WHAT THE HELL?! I opened Recount up, and lo and behold. Over 90% of your damage was via the wand. You wanted to Life Tap so that you could……wand?! How can anyone explain this? My fury was well past boiling at this point, so I allowed my temper to get the better of me, and clicked the KICK option. It passed and you left, being forcively removed from our group.

And I know that I wasn’t the only person angry at you, and your rude actions and comments throughout the instance. After you left, our tankadin said “Thank god he’s gone.”

“Wanker.” Our Shammie agreed. We all shared a lol, and decided to attempt to four man the final boss, especially since we now knew that we had been mostly carrying you for the entire dungeon. It went down without any hassle, especially since we didn’t have your minion taunting off the tank and promptly losing aggro to my holy crits of healy goodness. We thanked each other, and disbanded the group.

So, if you ever come across me in another group, be warned my dear warlock. For you are rude, inconsiderate, and yes, even though it is your $15 per month to play, that does not in any way give you the right to be a complete and utter tit to everyone you come across.

Yours sincerely,

Lyrra of Khaz’goroth. Healadin.


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My baby Paladin is coming along nicely. Now a perky level 17, she’s been getting ready to tank her first dungeon.

Queueing nervously as a tank, I get an instant invite. I zone in to Wailing Caverns. Once my worst nightmare, I actually enjoy it now. The group is ready to do the last boss. It goes alright, but the healer isn’t healing me at all, save for the occasional Penance. So I’m having to use Word of Glory as often as possible in order to stay alive. A few seconds before the Murloc boss dies, so do I. All group members “LOL” in party chat.

I think I know why their last tank left.

A crappy group, but it was only for one boss. It was relatively painless for my first dungeon as a baby Tankadin.

Peace out, PuGGers!

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